Daisy dies too young

This has been a sad week for me. A high school friend of mine dies last Monday, we’ll call her Daisy. She died at only 30, far too young and too beloved by everyone she knew.

How a young healthy woman can be killed by a cancer within 6 months of diagnosis is beyond belief. This is my second friend from from high school to pass away and although the first, “Sunny” was 12 years ago, I have never forgotten and now to have another death to grieve, it’s just so sad.

She married J right after high school. I was a doubter and didn’t think the union and marriage would be good or last. I fully admit I was wrong, they were the most devoted couple I have ever met and I really don’t know how her husband will live the rest of his life without her. He was in love with her since childhood and the greatest day of his life was marrying Daisy. I worry about how he will cope. He sobbed through the whole funeral and just seemed so broken by losing her.

I worry about my friends who were the closest to Daisy after high school, I am so sad that they lost such a caring friend. Daisy was the most caring person, always having time to attend your kids birthday parties, come over to watch movies, go to the park and was quite selfless, always helping people.

It’s sad for the world that Daisy is not here anymore because she made this world a happier, kinder and more caring place.