Does this make me a hipster?

Well I survived my first phone shopping trip with D. I got the new iPhone five and he got an HTC Evo so we are all fancy with our technology now. I’m really enjoying my 2 days off this week its been really lovely to relax especially after being sick last weekend. im just watching lots of TV and enjoying playing with my new phone. Who would’ve thought that I would enjoy having new technology so much. I’ve kind of fought against it for so long and been proud that I didn’t have the newest things while everybody else on earth had an iPhone now here I am it’s funny. Hmmm does this make me a hipster, following trends, chasing technology? Will have to rethink and finally buy some purple skinny jeans.



We had bought our phones and begun a new plan thru Sprint but we found that we had almost ZERO internet speed! It was really disappointing because the idea of unlimited data sounded GREAT until you realize that you won’t be able to use it. So we returned the phones and plans 😦

We ended up buying our cell phone plans from Verizon and I could not be more happy with our decision!! We may have a limited amount of Data but the data is LTE, it is Super fast! Faster even then our home internet, which works just fine. And for paying the EXACT same price as Stupid Sprint, we have this amazing fast internet that is a much better Value! Hooray for Verizon having LTE!!

I got the same iphone 5, which I am loving very much! Poor Denny had to choose a new phone which he was quite annoyed at, but we ended up getting him the Droid RAZR HD which he seems to like. So hopefully he is very content with that new phone as he uses it more & more!