1st House Visit

I’m super excited my brother M is visiting tonight!!

He will only be here for enough time to sleep on the way to a Colorado vacation but I Don’t Care!!

This is the first overnight visiter since D & I bought our first home 6 months ago. I don’t get to see my brother much and I am very happy and looking forward to seeing him & his girlfriend R. In fact I will tell you on the DL ;), my brother M will be proposing to R while they are on vacation. Now they have been together for more than 9 years & my entire family loves R, she is amazing! R is a sweet girl who puts my brother in line; which he def needs. M is a bit unmotivated in terms of ¬†getting a good job & figuring out how to move on after his university graduation. Thank goodness M has realized that he needs to give R a symbol that he wants forever with her. ¬†He is going to take her up on a hot air balloon and propose with a beautiful diamond ring. His plan sounds very romantic and a very special moment for the pair of them! I am so proud of M for making this step and I wish them the world of happiness and love together.

On a side note, I didn’t realize that I would be nervous and anxious showing off my new house to my brother. He is the last person who hasn’t seen it and he has such a cute, decorated apartment. I really want him to think my house is nice (which it IS!!) and clean and cutely decorated! It’s funny that someone’s opinion can matter to me so much even though I am near 30. Maybe we always need the approval of our loved ones to make us feel good.