Champagne Hangover

Wow, I got stinkin drunk last night!       Champagne drunk!

I put together an amazing surprise engagement party for my brother M & his new fiancé R. I am so excited to be able to call R my brother’s fiancé; our family adores R and is so excited & happy for them to be engaged.

I got DRUNK on my lovely bubbly champagne. I danced, all kinda sexy, for my boyfriend D. I visited with all the party people and drank shots and laughed my head off.

It’s really funny that the best party i’ve EVER been to was this weekend, not when I was in high school, or college. I think I was too young and not confident enough to really let myself be free & uninhibited until recent years. Aren’t you supposed to have wild & crazy party days in your teens and young twenties? Though it figures that I would do things a little backwards :). Or maybe it’s a misconception that youth = gaiety, maybe it’s more accurate to say maturity = knowing yourself well enough and being happy with ur life to be truly content & fun-filled.

AND plus getting good n stinking drunk once in a while is a BLAST & totally worth the day-long hangover!