fighting all week with D

I really hate fighting with D. All lat week it seemed all we felt like doing was fighting over everything. We have since calmed down. Very happy bout that.

D, and I suspect, men in general, are terrible at expressing their feelings. They bottle up their feeling til they explode it’s super annoying and frustrating. I have heard the whole women & men are from different planets thing. Not that I’ve read the book or anything. Is is stupider to bottle up your feelings to hide them from the world or to be overly emotional about everything? Is there not some happy medium that can be reached where D & I can both share feelings in a rational and healthy way. Maybe that’s only attainable thru couple’s therapy or something, learning to change the way we express ourselves. To change ourselves to have a healthy way to communicate.

Though to be honest, I am quite content with the Me, I am now. I really have no real intention or desire to change myself in any major way. Maybe eating less cookies would be good and to clean my house a bit more, and Yes, to go back to school and create a new career, but in terms of how I see myself and the outside world, I am content. Well, see the world and re-act to it i guess. I compare the pre-divorce/ pre-25 me to the current ME and It’s ridiculous how much of a healthier and happier and more self-confident person I am. Is it completely egotistical to think that only D needs to change & i’m just fine :)? Yah, I really do know the answer to that, even as I am asking it. VERY EGOTISTICAL OF ME lol.

Well we are fine now and the last week full of battles is def a minority in our house, so i guess I won’t worry about it for now.

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