Movies Hooray! Work Booo!

Hey guys

I’ve been quite busy working many, long hours right now and here thru Christmas. Yuck, I am used to working full time/40 hours a week but DAMN do i dislike having to work 10/11 hour-days all weekend. My stupid feet started hurting mid-shift Friday and that was just the start of my weekend so didn’t have a day off til Monday. Ugg sorry to be Super whiny but I am feeling the need to complain & whine & bitch so I guess I will!! haha guess that’s why I have a mother-fucking blogg lol.

Also D and I have been to see 2 movies in the last week or so! Which is pretty unusual for us because we only see a few movies in theater a year. We are avid Netflixers and occasional Redboxers.  So it was quite fun to change things up and go out on some date nights. We saw Wreck-It Ralph and SkyFall, they were both very good!!! Ralph was super cute and really fun, throwback 8 bit animation with a heartfelt and adorable cast & story. I just saw Skyfall tonight and I really liked the action, plot and characters in this new James Bond film. I am a big Bond fan and have seen every movie in the series. My favorite actors portraying the sexy Bond are Sean Connery & Roger Moore; as you can see I am a classic bond kinda lady! Though I very much am enjoying the current Mr. Daniel Craig and the previous Bond in Mr. Pierce Brosnan, both were very good. The movies are both worth the price of a movie ticket and were fantastic to have a lovely date night with my love, D. He just stirs my heart and passion so much; I am so LUCKY!!

Does this make me a hipster?

Well I survived my first phone shopping trip with D. I got the new iPhone five and he got an HTC Evo so we are all fancy with our technology now. I’m really enjoying my 2 days off this week its been really lovely to relax especially after being sick last weekend. im just watching lots of TV and enjoying playing with my new phone. Who would’ve thought that I would enjoy having new technology so much. I’ve kind of fought against it for so long and been proud that I didn’t have the newest things while everybody else on earth had an iPhone now here I am it’s funny. Hmmm does this make me a hipster, following trends, chasing technology? Will have to rethink and finally buy some purple skinny jeans.



We had bought our phones and begun a new plan thru Sprint but we found that we had almost ZERO internet speed! It was really disappointing because the idea of unlimited data sounded GREAT until you realize that you won’t be able to use it. So we returned the phones and plans 😦

We ended up buying our cell phone plans from Verizon and I could not be more happy with our decision!! We may have a limited amount of Data but the data is LTE, it is Super fast! Faster even then our home internet, which works just fine. And for paying the EXACT same price as Stupid Sprint, we have this amazing fast internet that is a much better Value! Hooray for Verizon having LTE!!

I got the same iphone 5, which I am loving very much! Poor Denny had to choose a new phone which he was quite annoyed at, but we ended up getting him the Droid RAZR HD which he seems to like. So hopefully he is very content with that new phone as he uses it more & more!

Fun Weekend Trip

Chihuly Art

I wanted to share some of the beautiful Chihuly art I saw at the Botanical Gardens a week ago. I had an amazing weekend trip with my Mother and we had a blast seeing this exhibit. The sun really lit up the Chihuly pieces and was truly stunning and memorable. I really enjoyed the girl’s day! My Mom & I talked, talked & talked some more and it was really lovely to open up about everything in my life, relationship and just catching up. My Mom & I are very good friends and I value that deeply and appreciate the enjoyment we both get from our close relationship.

I have more pics so if you want to see more just let me know 🙂


Catching Ya’ll Back Up…

Sorry for the delay in posts 🙂

I have had a lot happen since my last post…I’ll try to catch you up as best I can darlings.

D and I went to his hometown a week ago, it’s an obligatory trip basically. But I try to enjoy myself as much as I can because it make such a difference for D. If he has to deal with it on his own he gets Very upset and depressed. His mother and grandmother are very sweet & nice but have a few, quirks you could say. Think Hatfields & McCoy’s; his mother and grandmother live one house away from each other in a town of 400 people. They constantly call each other and talk for 30 seconds then hang up on each other. They rely totally on each other; shopping for each other and taking things over to each other’s houses a few times a day.

Let me give you an example. D’s mother gets a call Friday night (the days and nights are filled with the shrill phone ringing constantly) and she and his grandmother bicker per usual for a minute maybe then D’s grandmother hangs up on D’s mother. His mother then turns to me and says, “I WAS gonna ask her if she wanted to make breakfast tomorrow morning for ya’ll or if I should, but she hung up on me before I could.” I offered to ask since I was going over to her house and D’s grandmother said she would have breakfast for us in the morning. Great, right? Yah, until the next morning they are arguing and bitching back and forth about how the other wanted to make breakfast, D’s mother doesn’t help with the cooking even though D’s grandmother has arthritis, and let’s see, fighting about how D’s mother shouldn’t help do the dishes if she doesn’t want to and is gonna throw it in his mother’s face. This culminated into a back and forth conversation with both women complaining to me and D about the other, now keep in mind we are all in the same small kitchen. The real moment which shocked me was when both ladies grabbed the same dinner plate and pulled back & forth raising their voices to argue over where the plate should go. It was bloody ridiculous and reminded me of 2 dogs gnawing at the same bone, growling to intimidate the other and jerking the bone back-and-forth in their teeth.

I can’t help but tell about some of the ridiculousness of the situation. I adore D and I do genuinely like his mother, grandmother and brother but Damn they have some crazy going on in that TINY town! Maybe the moral of the story is NEVER buy a house pretty much next door to your mother, it just breeds family feuds and preposterous eccentricities.

This Post got a bit long so I will continue with my catching up part 2 next 🙂

Champagne Hangover

Wow, I got stinkin drunk last night!       Champagne drunk!

I put together an amazing surprise engagement party for my brother M & his new fiancé R. I am so excited to be able to call R my brother’s fiancé; our family adores R and is so excited & happy for them to be engaged.

I got DRUNK on my lovely bubbly champagne. I danced, all kinda sexy, for my boyfriend D. I visited with all the party people and drank shots and laughed my head off.

It’s really funny that the best party i’ve EVER been to was this weekend, not when I was in high school, or college. I think I was too young and not confident enough to really let myself be free & uninhibited until recent years. Aren’t you supposed to have wild & crazy party days in your teens and young twenties? Though it figures that I would do things a little backwards :). Or maybe it’s a misconception that youth = gaiety, maybe it’s more accurate to say maturity = knowing yourself well enough and being happy with ur life to be truly content & fun-filled.

AND plus getting good n stinking drunk once in a while is a BLAST & totally worth the day-long hangover!

1st House Visit

I’m super excited my brother M is visiting tonight!!

He will only be here for enough time to sleep on the way to a Colorado vacation but I Don’t Care!!

This is the first overnight visiter since D & I bought our first home 6 months ago. I don’t get to see my brother much and I am very happy and looking forward to seeing him & his girlfriend R. In fact I will tell you on the DL ;), my brother M will be proposing to R while they are on vacation. Now they have been together for more than 9 years & my entire family loves R, she is amazing! R is a sweet girl who puts my brother in line; which he def needs. M is a bit unmotivated in terms of  getting a good job & figuring out how to move on after his university graduation. Thank goodness M has realized that he needs to give R a symbol that he wants forever with her.  He is going to take her up on a hot air balloon and propose with a beautiful diamond ring. His plan sounds very romantic and a very special moment for the pair of them! I am so proud of M for making this step and I wish them the world of happiness and love together.

On a side note, I didn’t realize that I would be nervous and anxious showing off my new house to my brother. He is the last person who hasn’t seen it and he has such a cute, decorated apartment. I really want him to think my house is nice (which it IS!!) and clean and cutely decorated! It’s funny that someone’s opinion can matter to me so much even though I am near 30. Maybe we always need the approval of our loved ones to make us feel good.

Daisy dies too young

This has been a sad week for me. A high school friend of mine dies last Monday, we’ll call her Daisy. She died at only 30, far too young and too beloved by everyone she knew.

How a young healthy woman can be killed by a cancer within 6 months of diagnosis is beyond belief. This is my second friend from from high school to pass away and although the first, “Sunny” was 12 years ago, I have never forgotten and now to have another death to grieve, it’s just so sad.

She married J right after high school. I was a doubter and didn’t think the union and marriage would be good or last. I fully admit I was wrong, they were the most devoted couple I have ever met and I really don’t know how her husband will live the rest of his life without her. He was in love with her since childhood and the greatest day of his life was marrying Daisy. I worry about how he will cope. He sobbed through the whole funeral and just seemed so broken by losing her.

I worry about my friends who were the closest to Daisy after high school, I am so sad that they lost such a caring friend. Daisy was the most caring person, always having time to attend your kids birthday parties, come over to watch movies, go to the park and was quite selfless, always helping people.

It’s sad for the world that Daisy is not here anymore because she made this world a happier, kinder and more caring place.

fighting all week with D

I really hate fighting with D. All lat week it seemed all we felt like doing was fighting over everything. We have since calmed down. Very happy bout that.

D, and I suspect, men in general, are terrible at expressing their feelings. They bottle up their feeling til they explode it’s super annoying and frustrating. I have heard the whole women & men are from different planets thing. Not that I’ve read the book or anything. Is is stupider to bottle up your feelings to hide them from the world or to be overly emotional about everything? Is there not some happy medium that can be reached where D & I can both share feelings in a rational and healthy way. Maybe that’s only attainable thru couple’s therapy or something, learning to change the way we express ourselves. To change ourselves to have a healthy way to communicate.

Though to be honest, I am quite content with the Me, I am now. I really have no real intention or desire to change myself in any major way. Maybe eating less cookies would be good and to clean my house a bit more, and Yes, to go back to school and create a new career, but in terms of how I see myself and the outside world, I am content. Well, see the world and re-act to it i guess. I compare the pre-divorce/ pre-25 me to the current ME and It’s ridiculous how much of a healthier and happier and more self-confident person I am. Is it completely egotistical to think that only D needs to change & i’m just fine :)? Yah, I really do know the answer to that, even as I am asking it. VERY EGOTISTICAL OF ME lol.

Well we are fine now and the last week full of battles is def a minority in our house, so i guess I won’t worry about it for now.

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No Woman No Cry

lost in a rant

Fuck looking for a job! I want to quit work and stay at home and do nothing. That would be great! someone tell me how to make that happen. or to have a job i like but pays well and i don’t have to work til 10pm and every freakin weekend!!! uggg

What I don’t get it these people who know EXACTLY what they want to do for a career. I don’t have a clue, there is really nothing that really jumps out at me that I know is “right” for me. I mean I can see myself doing lots of things and being good at them (I am moderately intelligent) but really none of them speak to me. maybe because they are so intangible.

But I say AGAIN fuck this job search where people want to pay you less than 22,000 yr to work a job you have 4yrs experience in, where they will pay you (4 yrs experience) and the other person (no fuckin experience) the same thing bc that is just RIDICULOUS!!! I mean I fuckin get-it, if they can hire someone cheap they will especially in this bad economy, but really…

So maybe i’ll go back to school, begin a new career and pick one that makes decent income. Great, except the same problem I am ambivalent about all jobs. I don’t WANT to work a job. I take a lot of personal pride in being good at my job; feeling successful and that is very important to me. it’s not that I don’t care what I do for a living, but I just don’t know how to choose and make such an important decision. I guess I’m scared I’ll fuck up and not like it or be able to get a job in my field. I need a direction, a path, I have no idea where I am going in my career and it scares me so much to feel so lost within myself and my life.

When does adulthood begin? Not yet for me apparently…

I imagine the morning of an “ADULT” happening something like this:

6:00am Wake up with alarm, well rested from 8 hour sleep. I imagine the scene from Sleeping Beauty where the prince kisses her and breaks her magical sleep; She slowly opens her crystal-clear eyes, and curls her plump, rosy lips into a contented smile and contemplates the joy of her life.

6:10 Bathroom, Shower, Brush hair and teeth. Don’t forget to shave!

6:30 Pick clothing out of closet and put aside.

6:45 Fix a healthy breakfast (oatmeal? eggs and whole wheat toast?), sit down at table and consume while reading newspaper/checking email/getting stock updates: conversing intelligently about world news with spouse between dainty bites and sips of earl grey.

7:10 Blow-Dry hair and put on perfect “Day” makeup. Don’t let lips and eyes fight! and for heaven sakes don’t let your hair dry with a kink! Must Blow Dry and Curl into perfect smooth waves that brush your shoulders.

7:30 Iron out every wrinkle in that day’s clothing and get dressed. Putting jewelry on last, after a few spritzes of a flowery, subtle perfume.

7:50 Unload dishes from the dishwasher and put away. Wipe down counters, sink, stovetop and load all dirty dishes into dishwasher.

8:10 Miscellaneous picking up. Make Bed. Plump pillows in formal living room. Leisurely having a 2nd cup of tea, maybe a fragrant peppermint this time!

8:30 Grab packed lunch (leftovers from last nights pot roast) and leave for work early.

8:45 Arrive at work and spend time waiting by balancing checkbook and planning weekly meal plan, with correlating grocery list.

9:00 Beginning of Work Day

My mornings are more like this:

7:45am Alarm rings, ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling.  Moan and quickly snooze the Phone.

7:50 ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling. Stare up at the ceiling, groggy. Try and start my brain to think. Hmmm do I REALLY need a shower today?… Snooze

7:55 ding-a-ling ding-a-ling. I immediately turn over and grab my phone, and change the alarm time to 8:20. My hair’s not THAT dirty. I’ll just put it into a ponytail anyways.

8:20 ding-a-ling ding-a-ling. OK, OK! I turn the alarm off completely. Lay on my back and will myself to get up. I groggily hop out of bed and walk to the bathroom.

8:25 I brush my teeth, and my hair. Put hair back into ponytail.

8:30 Grab clothes out of laundry basket. (They are clean FYI, I just get too lazy to hang them up. So the clothes live in a laundry basket in my living room.)
Throw on a bra, undies, dress pants (hope the wrinkles won’t be noticable), and shirt.

8:35 Pet cats for a minute and check they have food & water. They demand some morning Amore, Awe so Sweet! 🙂

8:40 Run around house looking for shoes. Damn second shoe is always missing, so switch to same shoes wore yesterday bc they are still next to my bed! Mad dash around for matching socks, I excavate laundry basket, dresser, and the dryer. I dress my feet ASAP and lastly throw on earrings, necklace and rings. If I have time then i spritz on whatever perfume I see on my dressing table.

8:45 Snag a Lean Cuisine out of Freezer and stuff in my purse (that’s why I b0ught the bigger size Coach for hardback book and frozen lunches). I grab my keys, purse and hop in the car.

8:50 Stop by Starbucks (hope for no line & quick barristers) and grab a bagel (hoping I can eat it within 2 hours, before it gets tough) and if I’m in the mood, a nice hot Non-Fat Chai.

8:58 Walk to work quickly and make it right in time, YES!!! Though, Ugg i’m already tired and have a long day in front of me 😦

9:00 Beginning of Work Day