Movies Hooray! Work Booo!

Hey guys

I’ve been quite busy working many, long hours right now and here thru Christmas. Yuck, I am used to working full time/40 hours a week but DAMN do i dislike having to work 10/11 hour-days all weekend. My stupid feet started hurting mid-shift Friday and that was just the start of my weekend so didn’t have a day off til Monday. Ugg sorry to be Super whiny but I am feeling the need to complain & whine & bitch so I guess I will!! haha guess that’s why I have a mother-fucking blogg lol.

Also D and I have been to see 2 movies in the last week or so! Which is pretty unusual for us because we only see a few movies in theater a year. We are avid Netflixers and occasional Redboxers.  So it was quite fun to change things up and go out on some date nights. We saw Wreck-It Ralph and SkyFall, they were both very good!!! Ralph was super cute and really fun, throwback 8 bit animation with a heartfelt and adorable cast & story. I just saw Skyfall tonight and I really liked the action, plot and characters in this new James Bond film. I am a big Bond fan and have seen every movie in the series. My favorite actors portraying the sexy Bond are Sean Connery & Roger Moore; as you can see I am a classic bond kinda lady! Though I very much am enjoying the current Mr. Daniel Craig and the previous Bond in Mr. Pierce Brosnan, both were very good. The movies are both worth the price of a movie ticket and were fantastic to have a lovely date night with my love, D. He just stirs my heart and passion so much; I am so LUCKY!!

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