Catching Ya’ll Back Up…

Sorry for the delay in posts 🙂

I have had a lot happen since my last post…I’ll try to catch you up as best I can darlings.

D and I went to his hometown a week ago, it’s an obligatory trip basically. But I try to enjoy myself as much as I can because it make such a difference for D. If he has to deal with it on his own he gets Very upset and depressed. His mother and grandmother are very sweet & nice but have a few, quirks you could say. Think Hatfields & McCoy’s; his mother and grandmother live one house away from each other in a town of 400 people. They constantly call each other and talk for 30 seconds then hang up on each other. They rely totally on each other; shopping for each other and taking things over to each other’s houses a few times a day.

Let me give you an example. D’s mother gets a call Friday night (the days and nights are filled with the shrill phone ringing constantly) and she and his grandmother bicker per usual for a minute maybe then D’s grandmother hangs up on D’s mother. His mother then turns to me and says, “I WAS gonna ask her if she wanted to make breakfast tomorrow morning for ya’ll or if I should, but she hung up on me before I could.” I offered to ask since I was going over to her house and D’s grandmother said she would have breakfast for us in the morning. Great, right? Yah, until the next morning they are arguing and bitching back and forth about how the other wanted to make breakfast, D’s mother doesn’t help with the cooking even though D’s grandmother has arthritis, and let’s see, fighting about how D’s mother shouldn’t help do the dishes if she doesn’t want to and is gonna throw it in his mother’s face. This culminated into a back and forth conversation with both women complaining to me and D about the other, now keep in mind we are all in the same small kitchen. The real moment which shocked me was when both ladies grabbed the same dinner plate and pulled back & forth raising their voices to argue over where the plate should go. It was bloody ridiculous and reminded me of 2 dogs gnawing at the same bone, growling to intimidate the other and jerking the bone back-and-forth in their teeth.

I can’t help but tell about some of the ridiculousness of the situation. I adore D and I do genuinely like his mother, grandmother and brother but Damn they have some crazy going on in that TINY town! Maybe the moral of the story is NEVER buy a house pretty much next door to your mother, it just breeds family feuds and preposterous eccentricities.

This Post got a bit long so I will continue with my catching up part 2 next 🙂

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