When does adulthood begin? Not yet for me apparently…

I imagine the morning of an “ADULT” happening something like this:

6:00am Wake up with alarm, well rested from 8 hour sleep. I imagine the scene from Sleeping Beauty where the prince kisses her and breaks her magical sleep; She slowly opens her crystal-clear eyes, and curls her plump, rosy lips into a contented smile and contemplates the joy of her life.

6:10 Bathroom, Shower, Brush hair and teeth. Don’t forget to shave!

6:30 Pick clothing out of closet and put aside.

6:45 Fix a healthy breakfast (oatmeal? eggs and whole wheat toast?), sit down at table and consume while reading newspaper/checking email/getting stock updates: conversing intelligently about world news with spouse between dainty bites and sips of earl grey.

7:10 Blow-Dry hair and put on perfect “Day” makeup. Don’t let lips and eyes fight! and for heaven sakes don’t let your hair dry with a kink! Must Blow Dry and Curl into perfect smooth waves that brush your shoulders.

7:30 Iron out every wrinkle in that day’s clothing and get dressed. Putting jewelry on last, after a few spritzes of a flowery, subtle perfume.

7:50 Unload dishes from the dishwasher and put away. Wipe down counters, sink, stovetop and load all dirty dishes into dishwasher.

8:10 Miscellaneous picking up. Make Bed. Plump pillows in formal living room. Leisurely having a 2nd cup of tea, maybe a fragrant peppermint this time!

8:30 Grab packed lunch (leftovers from last nights pot roast) and leave for work early.

8:45 Arrive at work and spend time waiting by balancing checkbook and planning weekly meal plan, with correlating grocery list.

9:00 Beginning of Work Day

My mornings are more like this:

7:45am Alarm rings, ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling.  Moan and quickly snooze the Phone.

7:50 ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling. Stare up at the ceiling, groggy. Try and start my brain to think. Hmmm do I REALLY need a shower today?… Snooze

7:55 ding-a-ling ding-a-ling. I immediately turn over and grab my phone, and change the alarm time to 8:20. My hair’s not THAT dirty. I’ll just put it into a ponytail anyways.

8:20 ding-a-ling ding-a-ling. OK, OK! I turn the alarm off completely. Lay on my back and will myself to get up. I groggily hop out of bed and walk to the bathroom.

8:25 I brush my teeth, and my hair. Put hair back into ponytail.

8:30 Grab clothes out of laundry basket. (They are clean FYI, I just get too lazy to hang them up. So the clothes live in a laundry basket in my living room.)
Throw on a bra, undies, dress pants (hope the wrinkles won’t be noticable), and shirt.

8:35 Pet cats for a minute and check they have food & water. They demand some morning Amore, Awe so Sweet! 🙂

8:40 Run around house looking for shoes. Damn second shoe is always missing, so switch to same shoes wore yesterday bc they are still next to my bed! Mad dash around for matching socks, I excavate laundry basket, dresser, and the dryer. I dress my feet ASAP and lastly throw on earrings, necklace and rings. If I have time then i spritz on whatever perfume I see on my dressing table.

8:45 Snag a Lean Cuisine out of Freezer and stuff in my purse (that’s why I b0ught the bigger size Coach for hardback book and frozen lunches). I grab my keys, purse and hop in the car.

8:50 Stop by Starbucks (hope for no line & quick barristers) and grab a bagel (hoping I can eat it within 2 hours, before it gets tough) and if I’m in the mood, a nice hot Non-Fat Chai.

8:58 Walk to work quickly and make it right in time, YES!!! Though, Ugg i’m already tired and have a long day in front of me 😦

9:00 Beginning of Work Day

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